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Create ads that convert.

Through social media advertising, our team launches, tests, and optimizes ads from the creative assets to the copy and audiences used.

Our Goal

Identify your target market

Create scroll-stopping, engaging advertisements.

Analyze and segment traffic for retargeting and optimize for maximum return on ad spend (ROAS).

Digital ads mastery.


Beat Kicks

Industry: Apparel

Machine washable protective headphones covers that fit most commercial headphones from Bose, Beats, Skullcandy, Sony, JBL, and many more.


4x Return on Ad Spend
29% increase in average order value
26% increase in order volume

Industry: Esports

The LinkedIn for Esports. brings gamers from all over the world together. Finding coaches, creating teams, and connecting with like-minded players has never been this easy.


3000% Email list growth
$0.26 Cost per qualified lead
600% Increase in website traffic

Chic Execs

Industry: B2B

Chic Execs is a renowned PR firm located in San Diego, California.


32.8% Open Rate
33 qualified leads called back

“Finding a marketing team that provides incredible results and is fun to work with, is NOT easy to find. Marq has basically become our CMO.”

Phil Stover, Co-Founder, PVP

Marq has helped my business grow in so many ways. From the email campaigns, to the fully functioning professional website build, to the one-on-one personal connection you have with the team, they have really become an extension of my business.

Josh Lewis, CEO, Beat Kicks

Marq helped drive long-term revenue and have been there since the beginning. They have been an asset for us!

Albert Shaver, CEO, Betterbrand

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Trusted team with proven results

Adaptive, forward-thinking creators

ROI focused, data-driven marketers

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